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Yizclusive Next Level Learning courses where we’re focused on “Inspiration through education and innovative mindsets”

Yizclusive 1 on 1 individual course $600 for 3 Intense Hours

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I’ve been doing an entry level course on the hot steam collagen mask facial services, becoming more knowledgable about skin care, as well as maximizing your professional potential from behind the chair, while utilizing your influence & thinking outside the imaginary box of barbering.

I do offer additional courses that may also increase your revenue and help build a stronger brand in addition to legitimizing your position as an industry professional.

Personal one–on–one sessions are provided at your convenience,
or you may opt for our personalized distant learning mode via video call or

phone. Group rates are optional & subject to higher cost depending on size of group.

Product Kits (highly recommended)

Start up kits are available as well on sale for $349.99. The price of the kit will increase by the number of practical service courses you take.

Theses products and tools allow you to service 6-8 clients. Making that transition to your shop or salon smooth and easy to implement new services IMMEDIATELY, to earn back investment!

$150.00 / subject.

•All subjects are 1 to 1.5 hours.

•Minimum of 3 subjects per class. 2 practical/ 1 theoretical

•24 karat Gold Glo Facial services. **

•Exfoliating Hib-mix shampoo.**

•Hydrating Bald shine. **

•Organic beard treatment

•Industry tips.

•Maximizing professional potential from behind the chair. **

•Utilizing your influence and thinking outside of the imaginary box of barbering.

•Building a brand.

•Effective Marketing strategies.**

•Professional implementations to gain new clients.

•Understanding your price points.**

•Creating the Experience.**

•Consistency not only with haircuts but products, services, and MORE.

•Product knowledge / increasing professional vernacular separating yourself from the pack.**

•Add value and validity to your license by offering additional advance courses.

•Skincare/ haircare products and solutions.

** ( most popular classes)

The option of a full 1 or 2 day shadowing program offering the entire Next Level system. From the mindshift to the $50 Gold Glo facial, understanding price points and recognizing everyday skin conditions, 9 courses fit into 1 day or all 17 fit into 2 days. An Yizclusive product kit valued at $600! Hotel, food, and in state travel is included. (flight not included) If you follow the next level guide you’ll double your income.

Non refundable / Non negotiable Deposit off $100 is required (which is deducted from the total amount of subject /products) to move forward and secure the specified date.
The deposit will not be taxed, but the remaining balance will be charged a 6% service tax payable by cash or any major credit or debit card. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. All balances must be covered by the end of class.

To better your understanding and address pricing, dates in mind, as well as additional details on custom courses contact me at 678-472-4636 at your earlier convenience.

Yisrael Wright
Yizclusive Enterprises LLC.