Yisrael “Yizclusive” Wright is an emerging licensed Master Barber dedicated and motivated to take the next step in the hair and beauty industry! With anextensive clientele, he has serviced local residents of the Atlanta and greater Atlanta areas, as well as a multitude of celebrities, and several athletes from the NFL, the NBA, and the United States very own men’s Soccer team. He has also assisted celebrity Barber and Oster Educator Tariq “The Groomsmith” Nevar on the set of the film Barbershop 3 which entered theaters in April of 2016.


Concluding his fourth professional year in the beauty industry, Mr. Wright has made a conscience decision to take his own business to levels beyond measure. He has recognized that the educational industry is being amplified everyday, which has provoked him to take a boundless step that has allowed business professionals, such as himself, to create their own path whilst catering to their specific clientele or their target market of interest by constructing an educational platform that Mr. Wright has named the “Yizclusive Next level learning”. This is a series of courses that are designed to connect, but furthermore educate business and beauty industry professionalsfrom across the country on the significanceskills, and strategies on how to implement higher productivity, additional services, and mindset shifts that nevertheless add value and respect to each pupils business.


Yizclusive” (exclusive) is what Mr. Wright has modeled his brand after. He prides himself on offering a very extensive selection of services, staying current on the latest and greatest tools, products, and techniques, and stays true to his own motto of clients having an overall “Yizclusive Experience”…not just ahaircut. He is the CEO of Yizclusive Enterprises LLC, as well as the lead educator and consultant of theYizclusive Next Level Learning where the mission is to provide inspiration through education and innovative mindsets


As a Master Barber and Grooming Specialist, he offers a wide range of services and treatments that not only accommodate the requests and desires of men, but also fulfills the essentials of women and children. His collegiate background in business and marketing has made it simple task to implement professional aspects and business concepts into his everyday routine. As a licensed professional, he is consistently asserting himself beyond limits, separating himself, and changing the status quo of the conventional Barber. 


Mr. Wright stays endlessly active in the Metro Atlanta area as well as the Snellville community, where he recently transitioned into his own suite, giving back his time to schools and local organizations, anddonating funds to the youth and those individuals who are less fortunate. He believes giving back is very important and necessary for community and personal development, and continues to have the same mindset to successfully execute his business goals.